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Red, a primary color that cannot be derived from any other color. A description much like me and as far as science renders I cannot be derived from anyone else — besides my parents.

Firstly, red is one of my favorite colors and my mom's favorite color.

Its the color of luck and fortune in Asian culture. The color of my fraternity. Red is the color of increased market interests. The color of tomatoes. Colors of my favorite holidays, Christmas and the 4th of July. A prominent color in the city I currently reside in. A color that evokes feelings of love, power, aggression and passion. (I've been told I can be an intimidating and aggressive person. Hey, I know what I want)

Red embodies much of my life besides being just a simple primary color. Hence the name of this blog.

I'll have a case of the "mean reds" some days, but to be honest that only happens when I don't have my coffee. My current relationship status is single and ready to mingle. Except I'm really only mingling with my closet because there is a strong chance I will be the crazy clothing lady (I'm allergic to cats.) My undying love will never end with one industry. I always have a hot, fiery passion for fashion.

Give me a cup of bold coffee, unique stationary, a touch of pink (a derivative of red), and/or a lively party I will be forever yours.

My name is Sabel and I am a 22 year old striving for a sense of libra-esque balance. Through my sense of quirkiness and Type A personality I lead a comically interesting path. I'm always re-organizing, DIY-ing, and on the prowl for beauty tips and tricks. I have the "East Coast" fashion with my own unique punches.

I started this blog after 4 previous attempts. I'm really feeling "4th" times the charm...even though I like the number 3 better.

Tweet me, Facebook me, Text me (Sike, I'm not giving you my phone number) or carrier-pigeon me.

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