Tuesday, December 27, 2011

iCan't Wait

Within the next few weeks or so I will get my hands on an iphone 4s, which also means I will be needing a fabulous case(s) to go with it. 

As in my own true nature, I've already been scouring for cases before I have the phone. 

(via Society 6)
I'm goo-goo'ed eyed over how artsy and unique this case is. And at $35 its perfect.

(via Kate Spade)
I'm a firm believer that red is a neutral and so is leopard. Kate Spade you will always have my heart.

My current phone has taken several beatings. A customized Otterbox may be my number 1 choice.

Which one will win out? 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Iris

According to my interview with the Global Brand President of MAC cosmetics, found here, (I know!! I'm still giddy over it too) she exclaimed that MAC releases 54 make-up collections a year. So there is at least one new collection every week; only furthering my love for MAC.

I guess they decided that I needed to love them even more. MAC is releasing an exclusive Iris Apfel collection.

(via Stylelist)

One can only hope to be as fabulous as she is when one is older. Actually, can I just be her now?

If I'm really lucky   If my wallet is feeling really generous, the collection will be mine on Jan. 5th. Most importantly....

Party Parrot Matte Lipstick (via Stylelist)

Silver Gull small velvet eyeshadow (via Stylelist)

How many more days until January 5th?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don't Give Me Lippy

Fun Fact: I've never finished a chapstick, lip balm, lip gloss or lipstick.
I don't like the taste of most of those lip products, considering that I munch like a goat eating everything in sight. However, I have struck gold and its about to run out for the first time ever.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Black Tea and Blackberry

Love at first sight touch  lip application

The formula isn't sticky and doesn't make all of your food taste like black tea and black berries. Its very light, and works for awhile without constant need of reapplication. SPF 25 is the cherry on the cake.  The line is mainly for guys, but this it works wonders for this gal.

Try it...or don't because that just means there is more for moi.

Buy it, try it, love it here

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Drop the Sequins and Shake your Tail Feather

Hi I'm Sabel and I am a huge advocate of all things bright, glittered and SEQUINED. The more loud and obnoxious the more I am attracted to it. I don't completely throw my subdued tastes out the window, but if Lisa Frank were still around with truck loads of glitter attached...well those aforementioned tastes would be up in flames.

That isn't the case thank goodness, but there's a different take that I find more chick chic (yes, I completely intended in the play on words.)

Feathers, Feathers, Feathers. Maybe I'm strangely attracted to them from the amazing costumes from Black Swan (actually, no because I've never seen that movie and I still have an image of graceful, non-creepy ballerinas in my head). Regardless, I'm aiming to add what feathers I can to my wardrobe.

Clutch, ASOS
Hat, Madewell
Blouse, Tucker, Piperlime.com
Skirt, Juicy Couture, Zappos.com 

In any case if you still want to pass on the feathers, like I said before, there are still sequins and...Lisa Frank. 

I'll take a Tango with that Tangerine

Pantone announced its color of the year a couple weeks ago and I can fully say that I am in love with it. Although I am still hating saying goodbye to the effervescent honeysuckle (pink is one of my favorite shades), Tangerine I will gladly take a tango with you.

Shoes, Jessica Simpson, Zappos.com
Bangle, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Zappos.com
Cords, AG Jeans, Anthropologie
Datebook, Paper Source, Paper-source.com
Earrings, Betsey Johnson, Piperlime.com

Monday, December 19, 2011

The beginning. (Or almost) I started a blog about a year ago, kicked it to the curb. Started another one, wrote a post and then shut it down. And started another, didn't even pick it up. So maybe its really 4th times a charm? I kind of like the number 4 more anyway considering its relation to my birthday.

Now when it comes to writing, like most writers, I have come to the skill of writing in a conversational sense. Yet, when its time to write about myself, there is a predicament in it of itself.

I'm pretty sure I've pulled about half of my teeth out trying to write this first post defining this blog and myself. Hence, the long introduction.

First for this blog, I needed an outlet to convey my own thoughts. I write for three other sites and although I adore each respectively, this is my outlet to "paint" my own picture with styles, musings, and ideas that I admire. So I am, un-painfully, giving birth to this stylish blog.

In an argument with a previous boyfriend, we bickered about the saying "Paint the town red." He swore up and down that it was "Paint the town blue." Searching Google and adding to the fact that it is probably one of my favorite phrases; I would like to shove it to him once more...he was wrong. I mean who would want to paint the town blue? Not to knock the color blue, it is one of my favorites, but I would rather go into a fiery, popping red town instead.

Style the town red is the title springing from one of my favorite phrases, life quote, color, heritage, inherent fashion, etc. Styling this blog "red" is not limiting to the color red, but rather the idea itself. Red like the saying "Paint the town red" encompasses much of what my "style" is today.

My name is Sabel and as of late I am a second semester 22 year old senior about to enter into the "real world." I am a Type A, although I wish I was more of a Type B, due to my constant stress levels. I am a hyperactive, self-proclaimed busy bee with multiple activities always going on in my life. Sorority, CollegeFashionista.com, Dormify.com, Her Campus George Mason and whatever suits my tastes at the time currently fill plate. I love all colors, especially pink, but for the sake and most importantly of this blog, red sits in the number one slot. Notebooks, pens and sticky notes are always at the touch of my finger tips, mainly for my love of office supplies  because I'm so organized. Coffee, clothes and music are clinched in the top spots too.

So I bring you my "stylings" in this bright, bright red. Enjoy.